Tips to Create a Video for Selling Your House

video-camera-imageIn recent years, there have been numerous technological developments to help real estate agents sell house. In fact, technological developments have also been aimed at helping buyers make better choices. In the modern age, it’s recommended to use various media channels to sell a home. You need to make sure the methods you choose have a long lasting impact on potential buyers.

The Internet is an excellent way to reach out to numerous potential buyers in a dynamic manner. It’s much better than using classified advertisements in a tiny newspaper. With platforms like YouTube, you can use a video for selling your house. This way, you can showcase all the interesting features of the home in a 3-D way. Here are some tips to shoot the best video to sell your house.


Tips for Filming

In the beginning, it’s important to show the highlights of the property. This allows you to instantly grab the viewer’s attention. In case you start the video with an underwhelming shot of the storage area or garage, potential buyers are likely to click the next link without bothering to go through your video. Video production Dublin based company VN produce quality work which can be seen in their portfolio of video projects. Therefore, you need to make sure the video starts off with the best features of your property.


It’s important to make sure viewers are greeted with standout features of the home that make them want to see a lot more. This may include the exceptional modern features of the kitchen or a great view from the bedroom window. This is even more important when the real estate industry is competitive in your area.


While filming the property, you shouldn’t just focus on the Interior features, but even the surrounding areas. One of the most important benefits of filming your own property video is that you’re able to include various important details. This may include shots of the entire community or neighborhood. You should use valuable information to target the preferred demographic in your area.

Visual Narrative

For instance, when you’re trying to sell the home to a family, you should film a nearby school. You may also include a testimonial from your neighbor sharing information about the area’s safety. On the other hand, when you want to sell the property to professionals or students, you should showcase the easy accessibility of the property from transportation hubs. You may also want to include information about nightlife.

For pointers on cinematic techniques, click here.

It’s recommended to film more than what you need. You can always edit the unnecessary parts later with an editing software. While filming a video for selling your house, it’s important to have a good amount of footage. Otherwise, you will have to reshoot. It may be tempting to keep all the good scenes in the video, but you should try to keep the video shorter than four minutes.


It’s important to understand that online audiences have short attention spans. Therefore, they get bored easily when the video drags on for too long. You can even feature a running commentary on the virtual tour and add some music to the video. You shouldn’t use a lot of special effects. Fast zoom effects or crazy transitions can make the video look amateurish. Last but not the least, you should consult a professional company to create a video for selling your house.

Property in London Guide

Property in London Guide

London is a great place to live and work in due to its rich cultural diversity and dynamism. Often referred to as the capital of global culture, it houses some of the world’s best hotels, shops, restaurants, bars and entertainment spots. There is also an arty side to it, with several excellent galleries, theatres and museums present in the city. You simply cannot miss anything in London; from the latest in fashion and design to world-class financial services. Its popularity is also due to its political stability, architecture and schools that are famous worldwide. With its five airports and excellent road and rail network, London is easily the world’s most connected city.

As a result of all the above, the London property market has always been extremely favourable with local and global investors. It’s comes as no surprise that the global super rich have been trooping in their droves in an attempt to have a slice of the London pie. These fabulously wealthy individuals who have no qualms about spending money have contributed, together with all the attributes of the city, to the ever rising property prices. While prices in other places around the UK have been falling, London has continued to buck this trend, and in a remarkably stoic fashion.

Central London

Central London is a very prime location. It’s definitely one of the most illustrious places to own property in the world, never mind the UK. The amenities here are fancy and world-class, from the shopping malls to the prestigious restaurants. All the areas in this part of London are imposingly elegant, and house-hunters will discover that prices are very steep. Holborn, Spitalfields, Holborn, Bloomsbury – you name them. Houses here are in high demand, and the asking prices reflect this. For small or new businesses willing to set up shop in central London, renting maybe a good option especially if they don’t have enough capital to buy their own premises.

North and South of the Thames

While central London may be out of rich for many people and businesses, the second-grade property markets in the north and south of the River Thames may be an alternative option. The 2012 Olympics caused mass regeneration in East London, making the area much more vibrant and desirable. The large-scale renewal schemes that have been going on in recent years have also pushed up the prices, but the high demand coupled with the shortage in housing has been the main cause. Many people are looking for homes in areas such as Cricklewood, Kentish Town, Kensal Rise and West Kilburn which are in the northwest of London, and demand is not about to fall anytime soon. Even the traditional neighbourhoods in north London, such as Muswell Hill and Crouch End, have experienced rising interest from house-hunters.

Going to the south of the Thames, areas such as Lambeth, Borough and Shad Thames are becoming ever more popular with buyers and renters, due to the closeness to the City. The favourably priced homes and great transport links are other reasons why people are flocking to these sections. In fact, South London has a better suburban railway system compared to the North. Real estate experts are predicting that prices will continue to rise here in the coming years due to the major regeneration schemes.

As you can see in this property in London guide, the city itself is made up of many villages, each with a unique style and culture, as well as prices. Identifying the area you want to own a property is the first step, and remember to keep an open mind.

Finding a Flat in the United Kingdom

On paper, finding a flat in the United Kingdom may look like an easy undertaking. This is pegged on easy availability of information, use of the internet, and growth in the housing market. However, the truth is that it is not always so easy. Many prospective flat owners and renters face various challenges when trying to identify a suitable unit. They have to search through numerous resources, sift through lots of information, as well as comparing different price quotes. The following are some aspects that play a central role in locating a good flat in England, Wales, Scotland or even Ireland:


Location and Cost

One of the main aspects that people consider when searching for a flat is the location. The suitability of the location will be determined by several factors. These include; closeness to the central business district, prices in the region, popularity and much more. Buying and rental prices in the UK generally increased in 2014. The most affected areas were those close to big cities with London experienced the highest rise in prices at about 17.8%. Areas that are more affordable are South East of London, outskirts of London, and Wales amongst others. First time home owners are more likely to settle in cheaper housing zones.


Future Predictions 

Future predictions play an essential role in finding a flat. Industry analysts, realtors and developers always furnish reports about the future outlook in a region. If a region is expected to experience a housing boom, developers will pay more attention on the region. People looking to own a flat will also see this as a good investment decision. There are several predictions that have been put forth in 2015.One; the housing market will be influenced by the general elections slated for the year. Two, the stimulus plan will also influence the rates of mortgages in the market. Three, home/flat owners will prefer to stay longer in their homes rather than reselling.


Trends and Personal Taste

The effectiveness and reliability of a flat is also determined by trends in the market. Currently, people especially those buying their first homes or having limited finances are avoiding high cost areas such as London. Instead, they are moving to regions that are deemed more affordable and not overpriced. Carpet flooring is making a comeback taking over from cheap laminate that has dominated the scene. This means the rental or buying costs will be much higher. It also indicates that owners plan to stay in the home for a longer period.

Finding a flat and finding a good flat in the UK are two different issues. The main goal is to find a home that suits someone’s style and is as practical as possible. This is becoming even more important nowadays as more-and-more people finding themselves not only staying but also working from the home. In order to identify a good flat, potential owners and renters always consider market predictions as well as trends. This helps them stay abreast with new developments, housing prices, future valuations, and much more. Besides coming handy in finding a flat, the right information offers a stress-free experience.