Review of Avanti’s Annual Travel Insurance

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Who are Avanti?

Avanti Travel Insurance is the trading name of TICORP Ltd who are registered in Gibraltar. They are regulated and authorised by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission, but allowed to trade in the UK on a freedom of services basis. In fact Gibraltar is considered one of the main gateways to the UK for Financial and Insurance services, this is mainly due to the tax benefits of being based in Gibraltar.

The travel insurance policies themselves are managed by Howserv Ltd, who provide the administration services to a number of Travel Insurance Companies.

Avanti been trading for a number of years and have won several awards. They have been nominated for Best Travel Insurance in the Personal Finance Awards 2018/19.

What travel insurance do Avanti Offer?

You have the choice of two types of policy single trip for the one off trip or the annual multi trip policy, if you plan to go abroad several times during the year.

Avanti travel insurances give you the option to choose from three different levels of cover, essentials a basic policy, classic a mid range policy and deluxe with higher levels of cover.

If you are travelling for a few days to Europe say and want a basic policy without all the different sections of cover and higher sums insured that you get with the Classic and Deluxe policy, the Essentials policy may be for you. Be aware however that the standard excess on this policy is £150. You have the option to waive the excess altogether, but the additional costs stars putting you into the Classic cover territory. The essential policy also excludes missed departure, baggage delay, end supplier and catastrophe cover.

The Deluxe policy has excellent levels of cover, includes missed departure, baggage delay, end supplier and catastrophe cover as standard. You also benefit from no excess, but of course the premium is much more expensive, so you have to way up the costs against the benefits before making your decision.

You also have the option to include cover for gadgets, winter sports and cover if you are going on a cruise.

There is no upper age limit on single trip policies, although the number of days you can insure for reduces the older you are. The age limit on Annual policies is 85. Unlike some Insurers Avanti will consider all medical conditions and you have the ability to get quotes online. This means no long waiting, or having to provide personal details to someone on the other end of the phone. It makes sense to cover pre existing medical conditions properly, as you never know when something is going to flare up and the last thing you want is for your holiday to be ruined and the cost wasted.

The Avanti Website

The Avanti Website is well laid out. Most of the information you need is easy to find. It would be helpful to have a frequently asked questions section, but we couldn’t find one. The quotation system itself is easy to use, although they do require address, email, telephone number, date of birth before providing a quotation. This information is not actually required to quote and slows the whole process down.

The different levels of cover are well laid out and the options available are clear. If you need to include medical conditions, we found the whole process quick and easy. Overall the process was easy to use and we found it simple to choose the most suitable option.

Customer Reviews

We are not a big fan of customer review sites, for several reasons. Firstly customers are not experts and may leave a negative review which is not justified. Secondly the vast majority of positive reviews tend to be based on getting a quote and taking out a policy online. Negative reviews tend to be where a claim has been refused.

Having said that if you ever have a problem, looking at reviews can give you an indication of the customer service you can expect to receive. Businesses make mistakes, but it’s how the company deals with the problem, that is often a good indication of the service you are likely to receive.  In this case Avanti have a 9.2 trust pilot rating on over 6000 reviews.

To get a travel insurance quote from Avanti go to or phone them on 0808 169 6480